My Backyard Jungle: The Adventures of an Urban Wildlife Lover Who Turned His Yard Into Habitat and Learned to Live With It (Yale University Press).


“Barilla is a fine stylist—his writing is thoughtful, colorful, and sometimes wittily self-deprecating—who helps us to better understand the unfamiliar natural world near our homes and to realize how many habitats coexist on Earth.”—Publishers Weekly

“He is the kind of author I’d like to have a coffee or a beer with, which is what you want in a storyteller. In this fun and compelling book, he is that guy, telling you about his yard.” —BBC Wildlife

“The much-probed nexus between humans and the wild gets yet another twist in this engaging chronicle… The findings were unsettling. Ultimately, [Barilla] argues, creating a ‘culture of coexistence’ is as tough as it is necessary.” —Nature

“Barilla’s gripping and provocative dispatches confirm that in our time, human and wildlife coexistence—a formula for awe, danger, and controversy—is a complex process of trial and error.” —Booklist

“Barilla’s ultimate message is both simple and powerful: To work toward coexistence means setting aside all notions of species-ism and cultivating an open, ecologically aware mind. Intelligent and quietly provocative.” —Kirkus Reviews


West With the Rise: Fly Fishing Across America (University of Virginia Press).